I Was Nominated For A Liebster Award…So Let’s Do This Thing

If you haven’t guessed yet…I won the Liebster award!  Twice!  Thank you so much to Beth from Vacation Coffee and Alex from The Antisocialite for nominating me.  You should definitely check out their blogs because they are both awesome!! So basically the Liebster Award is a nomination by new bloggers for new bloggers to give some recognition for the work that we do.  Typically, you answer 11 questions that your “nominator” gave to you and then pass on the love to some other new bloggers.  Since I was lucky enough to be nominated twice, I tried to split up the questions so that I answered half from each nomination.  And then I totally messed up and answered a couple of the questions Beth was asked, instead of the ones she had given, so I am a hot mess with a wide variety of answered questions.  Regardless, here it goes…

Welcome to my Liebster Award Q & A

Mykonos quad ride Paradise Beach Liebster Award

1. Who is your favorite blogger? How would you like to emulate their success?

Typically, I love blogs that have a witty or sarcastic, yet fun-loving tone.  Shout out to Just One Way Ticket’s “about” page because it’s absolutely hilarious.  And I love I Am Aileen because she legitimately takes the time to write out thoughtful posts with incredibly relevant content.

2. If you could plan a dream vacation where would you go?

When I think about my dream vacation, I think about my dream honeymoon which should really be in Bora Bora in a hut in the middle of the ocean…and I want to go sky diving.  And I want my proposal in a hot-air balloon in some unique place.  I dream about honeymoons, not weddings which isn’t necessarily the norm for a female in her mid-late 20s. The wedding can be anywhere, I don’t care.  Basically, I am not demanding at all!

3. Where else on social media can we find you?

Haha yay I can plug my social media channels here!  Thanks Beth 🙂 Fun fact: I was actually TERRIBLE at social media before I started this blog.  Like I am talking 7 total photos on Instagram ever, zero Snapchats, and I didn’t even have Twitter.  But things have changed and my accounts are active…well Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  I have to step up my Pinterest and Snapchat game at some point.

4. Is there a story behind your blog name?

There were endless days and nights for at least a month that I subjected my mom, boyfriend, and brother to racking their brains for everything that rhymed with travel, passport, suitcase, etc.  As I was writing my first blog post at 2 in the morning, I wrote my last sentence ending with “this whole world on a whim thing.”  And that was my epiphany moment!  After a month, I had finally just written my name out on paper without actually ever having thought of it prior.  My brother actually came up with my tagline “Perfectionist’s Guide to Spontaneous Travel” and I am super thankful for that because it’s something that I get the most positive reaction from in regards to the blog.

5. When you’re not working on your blog, what are you doing instead?

I am usually watching reality tv, instagraming,eating mac and cheese or brie cheese and a baguette.  I also teach language classes during the week as well.

6. What is the best sunset you have ever seen while traveling?

This is a tough one…I have two.  The first being in Santorini because how could it not be your favorite.  The second is on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I love being out in the ocean by myself and watching the sunset.  It’s my form of meditation as there is nothing more peaceful to me on the planet.

7. What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you abroad?

I think the scariest would have to be getting pick-pocketed while I was by myself in Naples, Italy.  I have the full story here but that definitely left me shaking for a few hours.  Getting locked in a hostel bathroom, being stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean in Croatia (that story here) were also both not the most pleasant of experiences.

8. What is the best thing you have ever eaten anywhere on the planet?

Probably this cheese…Raclette cheese from Switzerland to be exact.





9. What skills do you think you have developed since traveling a lot?

Traveling on my own has given me the ability to talk to anyone as you really have to put yourself out there when you are ridin solo.  I still have plenty of awkward conversations, but I have no problem talking away regardless.

10.  Who are your favorite people to spend time with?

This is an easy one…my mom, brother, boyfriend, and my best friend who unfortunately lives across the country in Washington D.C..

11. What’s the one thing you think your blog does really well?

I think that my blog has a lot of informative content and it has direction.  If you want to go to a festival in Europe and I have content on it, you will be more than prepared for your trip.  And since I don’t want to toot my own horn too much, I will add a few things on my blog that I could work on…1) graphic design 2) all technological aspects 3) consistently posting twice a week!


Here are my new Liebster Award nominees:

For the Q & A, I am giving you the same questions; however, you can make up new questions to answer if you prefer!  Congrats to these awesome bloggers many of whom I have met in person and some who I hope to meet one day!

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Shoutout to Hepcat Hannah for also nominating me literally the same day I finished this post!

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6 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination Time

    1. Ugh I know! Ridiculously good! Thank you for that and thank you for finding me so I could read your awesome blog too and make a fellow UC friend 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! And I look forward to doing the same with your Q & A!!

  1. Super fun! Enjoyed getting to know more about you! And definitely want to check out these other bloggers. The Antisocialite is one of my faves too. Keep up the good work!! 2x a week is impressive.

    1. As did I about you and once again, really appreciate the nomination! It’s so cool that even though there are millions of blogs out there, we all are so passionate that we know so many of the same bloggers! We will see about the 2x a week thing…

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