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I created this nifty tagline “Perfectionist’s Guide to Spontaneous Travel” because I want to educate readers on how to pre-plan the perfect trip so that you can decide many of your itinerary specifics once you reach your destination. Most people will tell you to plan ahead for every trip, and that is entirely accurate. However, I like to plan as much as possible and have all the potential information that I need, so that I can have some freedom to decide where and what I want to do next. Sometimes the dates for a festival that I really want to go to haven’t been determined yet (ahem… La Merce in Spain). Occasionally, I have friends traveling in Europe and want to meet up with them at a certain point.    However, they are using a Eurail pass and aren’t sure what exact day they will be in that specific country. Perhaps, I am planning a trip with my family, and my boyfriend wants to come meet up with me afterwards, but he hasn’t been able to finalize his vacation days with his workplace yet.  Continue reading!

Need to Plan the Perfect Trip?  

From brainstorming to transportation to booking that last minute flight home, here are a ton of travel tips so that you have the best vacation possible!

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